Ryan Talyor and Tomaste, collectively known as the Soul Burners, have repeated one mantra as they’ve ascended the ranks of the United Wrestling Network tag team division: Progress not Perfection. Though it’s clear that the duo has grown as a team, the definitive marker of progress is resting around the waists of their opponents on Sunday, the Reno SCUM. Soul Burners will square off against Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend at the Red Carpet Rumble on August 26 with the United World Tag Team Championship on the line. HollywoodWrestling.com caught up with Taylor and Tomaste to find out what they have planned to avoid the frustrations of their previous attempts to get the gold.
“Frustration is easy,” says Taylor easing into a deep stretch, “Patience is hard. Progress of any kind is a battle of time and persistence.” Persistence is not a new concept for the Soul Burners, who have fallen short on two title challenges against Reno SCUM on the program this year.
“It will take everything in our souls,” says Tomaste calmly smudging sage, “but after tomorrow at the Red Carpet Rumble, there will be new United World Tag Team Champions.”
Will Ryan Taylor and Tomaste perfect their progress to the point of gold or will Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe crack their mindful skulls in?! Be at the Oceanview Pavilion on August 26 to see for yourself!

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