Everything that Ray Rosas has accomplished at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood he has gained through hard work and tenacity. He spent months in the hunt for the United Television Title. When he was finally able to defeat Scorpio Sky for that Championship, Ray was eager to defend it all over the United Wrestling Network. After an unfortunate trip to Championship Wrestling From Arizona and a fireball to the face from Oliver Grimsly, Rosas found himself without the title he fought so valiantly to win.
Luckily for Ray, a champion always has their rematch clause. Once back in Hollywood, Ray Rosas got his rematch against Grimsly, but with a twist. Due to some meddling from Jamie Iovine, Royce Isaacs was inserted into the Television Title match and escaped as the new Champion. Since that match counted as Rosas\’ rematch clause, he will be granted only one more shot at Isaacs and that\’s it.
October 28 will be Ray\’s last chance at the United Television Title. Will he make it worth it?

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