The Reno SCUM are the longest reigning tag team champions in recent history. Their reign has spanned the globe, making a successful defense in Wenzhou, China earlier this year, with more worldly conquests on the horizon. Thornstowe and Legend have faced a menagerie of new teams during their time as champions, but not many long-established teams. That will change on October 28 as they defend against Navajo Warrior and Hawaiian Lion, better known as The Tribe.
The Tribe have teamed together for over ten years and pose quite a size threat to the rockers from Reno, Nevada. Long time fans of our program will remember The Tribe as the longest-reigning Heritage Tag Team Champions. Though absent from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood for some time, Hawaiian Lion and Navajo Warrior are mainstays at Championship Wrestling From Arizona, where they have left teams like the Classic Connection and R-Three and Evan Daniels laying. It would be unwise for Reno SCUM to bring anything other than their A-game on October 28.
Be at the Oceanview Pavilion on October 28 as The Tribe challenges Reno SCUM for the United World Tag Team Championship!

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