By Bobby Rockman
The road to Milestone has been filled with many obstacles for the 2018 Red Carpet Rumble winner, “Uptown” Andy Brown. However, on December 9th it will be taken to new heights when Brown challenges Royce Isaacs for the Hollywood Heritage Championship in a Ladder Match.
Jamie Iovine, on behalf of his client Royce Isaacs, has accepted the challenge that was laid down by Andy Brown on a recent episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  Isaacs, who won the Hollywood Heritage Championship by defeating Brown thanks to an assist from Iovine and the United Television Championship, will make his first title defense at Milestone. The determination of Andy Brown continues to show, as he has been chomping at the bit to get a fair title opportunity in CWFH by any means necessary. Bold men do bold things and Andy has gone as far as to allow Jamie Iovine to name the stipulation for the title match.
“Andy, you’ve had so many goals in front of you lately that you’ve fallen short on,” says Iovine while comforting his dog D’Artagnan. “You just can’t reach it, can you? So how about we give you an actual goal? Something you can actually touch. At Milestone, the Hollywood Heritage Title will hang above the ring because it is going to be a Ladder Match.”
For the first time ever the Hollywood Heritage Championship will be defended in a ladder match. This will be only the second ever ladder match in CWFH history; the first one occurring in 2012, when Willie Mack defeated Scorpio Sky to claim the United Television Championship. In a seemingly serendipitous turn of fate, the Hollywood Heritage Title match at Milestone came as a result of Nikko Marquez stripping Willie Mack of the same Championship.  As Jamie Iovine gets his Champion prepared for this Blockbuster Event, he had these parting words for the the Number One Contender:
“Don’t forget, Andy: You’ll be in there with Royce Isaacs and he’s not going to let his title go anywhere…and you can put a dollar sign on that!”
Can “Uptown” Andy Brown finally achieve his dream and dethrone the Hollywood Heritage Champion Royce Isaacs or will Brown be silenced with some Hush Money? Join us December 9th at the Oceanview Pavilion for our next Blockbuster Event, Milestone!

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