There’s a lot to be thankful for this week including a brand new episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! We kick off this program with “Young Fuego” Adrian Quest stepping into the ring against New York’s Vinny Pacifico. The big slugger from the Big Apple looks to score a win on one of Hollywood’s brightest stars today. What will happen when East Coast meets Quest Coast?
On this television hour, we will hear from former Hollywood Heritage Champion Bad Dude Tito. Animosity has been running high between the Bad Dude and “Relentless” Douglas James since the Red Carpet Rumble. What will Tito have to say to James when our broadcast correspondents get a word with “The Baddest Dude in Professional Wrestling”?
In our Main Event, it will be Ray Rosas’ last chance at the United Television Championship as he challenges Royce Isaacs. After chasing Scorpio Sky for the first half of 2018, Rosas captured the United Television Title this summer at Coastline Clash. Rosas had several successful defenses before falling victim to a fireball to the face at the hands of Oliver Grimsly at Championship Wrestling from Arizona’s AZ100, which cost him the Championship. Ray’s one-on-one rematch against Grimsly was muddied when Jamie Iovine struck a deal to insert Royce Isaacs into the match as well. Royce was able to capitalize on Rosas’ hard work in the match and got away the new Television Champion. Despite Ray’s best efforts, he keeps coming up short. Never to be discouraged, Ray Rosas asked for one more opportunity at becoming Champion. Ray got what he asked for, but it came with a price. This will be Ray Rosas’ last opportunity at competing for the United Television Championship. Will Rosas pull out all the stops to reclaim the Television Title or will Royce Isaacs silence him once again with Hush Money? Tune in to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood this week and find out!

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