The weekend is here and that means that it is time to sit back and enjoy another hour of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! On this week’s broadcast we will see an encounter between “Professional” Peter Avalon and Bateman. The last time we saw these men in the ring together, there was as much action happening between their ringside companions as there was between these two competitors. Nikko Marquez, who has accompanied Avalon to the ring for years has managed to run afoul of Bateman’s valet, Sarah Wolfe. Nikko and Peter have even gone to the lengths of putting their hands on Wolfe in an effort to avoid Bateman. The “King of the Crossroads” didn’t take kindly to this and now Peter Avalon will have to step in the ring once again with Bateman. How will Nikko Marquez and Sarah Wolfe be a factor in this match?
Next on the program, we have a Featured Challenge Match airing from the United Wrestling Network International WrestleCenter. We’ve seen things heating up between Bad Dude Tito and “Relentless” Douglas James for weeks now. Last week Tito issued a challenge to Douglas to meet him at the WrestleCenter to see how tough he really is. This week Douglas James answers the call as we present exclusive coverage of Douglas James vs Bad Dude Tito.
In our Main Event, the longest reigning Heritage Tag Team Champions in history, The Tribe, go for the gold as they take on the United World Tag Team Champions Reno SCUM. These two teams have been staples of the Tag Team ranks for a decade and yet have never squared off against each other until this title bout. Navajo Warrior and Hawaiian Lion have been tearing through teams on Championship Wrestling from Arizona and now that they’ve returned to Hollywood, they have no interest in returning to the Grand Canyon State empty handed. Will The Tribe be able to capture the United World Tag Team Championship or will Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe hold true to their declaration of being Champions forever? Tune in for this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

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