\”This is what being Hollywood Heritage Champion is like, Andy Brown,\” says a stern Royce Isaacs. \”It\’s the most competitive job you can imagine and every day you have to put your resume down and say \’I am the best wrestler in the world.\’ And every day you have to get selected for that job again.\”
Life at the top can be lonely for the holder of both the United Television Championship and the Hollywood Heritage Title, Royce Isaacs. Since Jamie Iovine chose a Ladder Match as the stipulation for the title bout at Milestone on December 9, Royce has begun to show more of a mean streak than we\’ve ever seen before. See below for his full comments towards his opponent at Milestone, \”Uptown\” Andy Brown:

Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavillion on December 9 at 3pm as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!

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