The clouds have parted above Los Angeles and that means that it must be time for a brand new episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! This week the RockNES Monsters continue their investigation of Vermin by kicking off the program against former Vermin members Ryan Taylor and Joey Ryan. Taylor hasn’t had his head on straight since the mysterious disappearance of Tomaste and this could play into the hands of BHK and YUMA. However, viewers shouldn’t count Taylor and Ryan out, as they held the Heritage Tag Team Championship while members of Vermin! Will the investigation continue smoothly for the RockNES Monsters or will former champs Ryan Taylor and Joey Ryan reunite in their winning ways?
Next we will see “The Killer Bae” Heather Monroe square off against Arizona’s Morgan. Morgan has returned to Hollywood after spending years training in the deserts of the Southwest with The Tribe. This is a welcomed challenge for Heather Monroe, who is eager to embarrass anyone who considers herself a “seasoned” competitor. Will Morgan have a successful return to Hollywood or will she be forced to tap out to the Seven Year Stretch?
In our Main Event, Willie Mack makes his first defense of the NWA National Championship against “Uptown” Andy Brown. Riding high off of the momentum of the NWA 70 event in Nashville, Mack looks to make a statement with every title defense put in front of him. Andy Brown is a worthy contender to the National Championship, having won the 2018 Red Carpet Rumble and steamrolling into big opportunities in CWFH ever since. This Main Event will be one you won’t want to miss, so make sure you catch this week’s edition of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

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