“A cup of tea with my friends clears my mind before a big wrestling match,” chimes Gentleman Jervis while sweetly playing with his dog Lord Booplesnoot. “Thomas makes a lovely Earl Grey.” 2019 has been a year of big opportunities on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood for the “World’s Sweetest Man.” After beating Robert Baines in a Steel Cage Match at the PP3 Blockbuster Event, Jervis is a new man.
“For many years I have suffered from fainting spells, cowardice and all around fear. [In the cage] I had a choice to continue running away or to stand up and fight. I decided to fight.” And fight he did. Gentleman Jervis raised his fists to Baines and after landing a Bunny Hop Double Stomp off the steel cage, Jervis climbed out to victory. This put him directly in line for title opportunities across the United Wrestling Network, including a recent encounter against Hollywood Heritage Champion Andy Brown.
“No matter what obstacles you face, do not despair and do not give in to fear. You are strong,”  affirms Jervis, content in coming up short against Brown, but hopeful for his next title bout. “It’s time again to show everyone that I can be a winner too.  I face quite a challenge in this Television Championship match. I hope Mr. Iovine and Mr. Isaacs are ready. I’m ready. Roar!” The undying support of Jervis’ friends and fans remains one of his main sources of inspiration going into this match on March 24.
“Me and Jamie’s commitment isn’t to each other or the fans,” snipes Champion Royce Isaacs, “The relationship we have is to money and success. This United Television Championship is the marker of that success and Jervis isn’t about to float in here on a cloud of migrating butterflies and change that. If you show up with lullabies you’ll end up with Hush Money. And you can put a dollar sign on that!”
Gentleman Jervis challenges Royce Isaacs for the United Television Championship on March 24 at the Oceanview Pavilion. Don’t miss it!

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