\”When I won the United Television Title for the fourth time, I solidified myself as THE BEST. But five? That is legendary greatness,\” declares Scorpio Sky, still riding high off his record-breaking fifth title reign as Television Champion. Sky recently won the title in an impromptu match following a hard hitting bout between Royce Isaacs and Bateman. Following a well placed kick to the crotch with the referee\’s back turned, Sky would once again call himself United Television Champion. But this title victory wasn\’t going to sit quietly with former champions.

\”After Bateman and I took each other neck-and-neck down the line, Sky could have moonwalked into the ring in street clothes and taken the TV title,\” explains Royce Isaacs. \”That\’s not me though. That\’s not what I want. Royce Isaacs wants Scorpio Sky at his best. I want him well rested, well fed, with a full training camp. I want no excuses.\” Isaacs has been adamant as of late about winning his matches honestly, with no outside help or rule breaking. Since putting down tough opponents like Ranchero Rogelio in recent weeks, Royce has legitimate claim to be a title contender. But is Royce more deserving than former Champion Bateman, who has yet to receive his rematch?


After considering these arguments, Nikko Marquez has decided to sanction a Triple Threat Match for the United Television Championship at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood\’s Red Carpet Rumble on August 18th. This type of bout puts Scorpio Sky at a sizable disadvantage. Not only does he have to defend his title against two opponents at once, but Sky does not even have to be involved in the decision to lose the Television Championship. Never before has Sky had so much to lose in such unpredictable circumstances and must prepare himself mentally in order to keep what he holds dear.

However, possibly the most desperate man in this contest is Bateman, who not only lost his TV Title to Scorpio Sky under dubious conditions, but also has lost his valet Sarah Wolfe due to the influence of the Upper Class. HollywoodWrestling.com caught up with Bateman to see which of his opponents at the Red Carpet Rumble will be his main target.


\”The focus is Scorpio Sky. I\’ll do whatever I need to do to get my hands on him,\” grumbles Bateman. \”But Royce, with his rosy cheeks and his nose in the air all these months has forgotten one thing. You walk around with your nose in the air long enough, someone\’s gunna come along and break it.\”

United Television Champion Scorpio Sky isn\’t phased by the comments of his opponents. As he heads into the Red Carpet Rumble on August 18th at the Oceanview Pavilion, Sky has these words to offer. \”Anybody that wants to try and come take it from me, I invite you to do so. We all know how it\’s going to end. Different opponent, same result. Get used to greatness.\”

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