2019 has been a year of inquisition for the galaxy\’s favorite space detectives, YUMA and BHK. The ROCKNES Monsters have been trying to solve the mystery of who attacked them backstage to keep them out of a highly anticipated United World Tag Team Championship bout months ago. The clues seemed to lead to VERMIN, a duo of body snatchers who have taken the forms of YUMA and BHK to wreak havoc and frame the former champions for their own misdeeds. Just when the detectives were about to crack the case, we received this transmission from VERMIN during a broadcast:


\”We\’ve seen a lot of things, but we still never saw that coming,\” says a distraught YUMA. \”Reno SCUM, you were two of our most powerful allies. Two of Earth\’s most powerful allies. You betrayed us. You\’ve broken our trust.\” This kind of treachery demands retribution from the ROCKNES Monsters and is not something to be taken lightly. Already with a plan in mind, BHK offered these remarks to Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend.

\”SCUM, we don\’t know if you\’re in cahoots with VERMIN or what, but we\’re not going to be taking any chances. When we finally get you in the center of that ring at the Red Carpet Rumble, it\’s gonna be surrounded by a Steel Cage!\” HollywoodWrestling.com got in touch with Reno SCUM to get their answer to this violent challenge.

\”ROCKNES, you want a cage match?\” shouts Luster the Legend, \”Yeah that sounds pretty fun. I think I want to do a cage match too!\” With an approving nod from Adam Thornstowe, it was set. These two teams will meet in a Steel Cage at the Red Carpet Rumble!

Both teams have Cage Match experience all over the west coast. Longtime fans will remember ROCKNES Monsters having an infamous Steel Cage Match on the program against PPrAy years ago. We\’ve also seen YUMA and BHK  (or possibly VERMIN) locked inside against teams like Los Luchas on more than one occasion. Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe have had their share of brutal Cage Matches themselves, leaving a trail of barbarity behind them while coming up victorious. Since anything can happen in this type of match, the Cage is reserved for foes looking to settle the score once and for all.

\”We\’re not looking for a war with Reno SCUM,\” declares YUMA, matter-of-factly. \”We\’ve been in wars. This isn\’t gonna be some war that lasts a long time. It\’s gonna be one battle. We\’re doing this once and we\’re doing it right.\”

You\’re not going to want to miss a second of the action. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on August 18th to see the ROCKNES Monsters take on the Reno SCUM inside a Steel Cage as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents the 2019 Red Carpet Rumble!


Free Admission. First Come First Seated. Doors 3pm. Card and talent subject to change.

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