Jamie Iovine can be accused of many things as a manager in the United Wrestling Network. Some see him as a visionary businessman. Others would prefer to see him on the business end of slap to the face. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that he gets results for the members of the Upper Class. That is, until he had run afoul of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Minority Owner Nikko Marquez.
As a cohesive unit, Marquez and Iovine have been in business together long before Jamie was commanding the Upper Class. For the most part, they have seen eye to eye on their collaborative projects. However, on a recent episode of the program, Jamie and the United Television Champion Royce Isaacs decided to leave a match early that Marquez put a sizable amount of money into promoting. 
“He cheated the fans,” barks Nikko Marquez. “And more importantly, he took money out of my pocket. You don’t do that to a Marquez. Therefore, Royce is going to defend the United Television Championship against Bateman in a Bull Rope Match. He can’t get counted out or disqualified. Get this: the Upper Class will be barred from ringside. And that includes Jamie Iovine.”
Don’t miss this sure to be brutal bout for the United Television Championship as Royce Issacs defends against Bateman on October 6 in a Bull Rope Match!

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