On October 20th, the action returns to the Oceanview Pavilion as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents our next Television Event! Here\’s what you can look forward to going into this weekend\’s extravaganza:
Mask vs. Title
Howdy Price\’s Ranchero Rogelio has been on a tear for the Hollywood Heritage Championship for all of 2019. He was a hair away from beating then-Champion Andy Brown at Coastline Clash, he was two eliminations away from capturing the title at the Red Carpet Rumble, and now Rogelio is determined to take championship away from WATTS. Not willing to play games with the \”Squash God,\” but desperate enough to do anything to get another opportunity at the Hollywood Heritage Title, Rogelio will put his mask on the line against WATTS on October 20!
United World Tag Team Champions in Action
Ryan Taylor and Tomaste have held their own since defeating Reno SCUM for the United World Tag Team Championship.  Taylor recently went on an excursion to Europe to sharpen his already pointed skills and has now returned to the United Wrestling Network to join his Soul Burner brother in tag team action. Who will be next to challenge the World Champions?
 Will Allday Returns
The Reality of Wrestling Television Champion Will Allday returns to Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on October 20th. After an impressive debut against Adrian Quest, Allday looks to take on any challenger put in front of him. Who will be next for Mr. Allday?
Also Scheduled to Appear:
Jamie Iovine\’s Upper Class
Dicky Mayer w/Ty Matthews
Dan Joseph
Lacey Ryan
And More!
Join us on October 20 at the Oceanview Pavilion as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents its next Television Event! 3pm Doors, Free Admission!

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