Fans of the National Wrestling Alliance are in for a treat when the stars of NWA POWERRR step foot in the Oceanview Pavilion at Milestone on December 8th. The world has been buzzing about the sensational studio wrestling program that has gathered hundreds of thousands of views. Straight from Atlanta, Georgia, CWFH fans will be presented with these competitors:

Thunder Rosa

\”La Mera Mera\” has shown her mean streak since debuting for the NWA. This no-nonsense fighter is coming for anyone in Hollywood who is brave enough to accept the challenge.

The Question Mark

An alleged master of Karate, The Question Mark has made his mark on the POWERRR roster in his short time thus far on the program. What could he have in store for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood? This enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a mask debuts on December 8th at Milestone!

Ricky Starks

There is one man in the National Wrestling Alliance who is more loved than anyone else. That man is Ricky Starks and the love comes entirely from himself. \”The Stroke Daddy\” has made his intentions for Milestone clear as he challenges Hollywood Heritage Champion WATTS with the intention of strutting down the Walk of Fame afterwards with a new accessory around his waist.

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