2020 has kicked off in a huge way with the 2020 Percy Pringle III Cup Tournament. Some competitors have already been knocked out, but four men still seek Percy’s Privilege. On January 19th, “Uptown” Andy Brown and Anthony Idol square off to see who will go to the Finals!
Halston Boddy has told Lacey Ryan that Heather Monroe is not done with her by a long shot! We heard in recent weeks that the “Killer Bae” has challenged Lacey to a Best of Seven series in which Halston Boddy gets to choose the stipulation for each match! For reasons unknown to us, Lacey Ryan has accepted this challenge. What does Halston Boddy have up his sleeve on January 19th?
The biggest surprise of the new year has been Dan Joseph capturing the United Television Championship! One of the hardest working competitors in any locker room rose to the occasion when Royce Isaacs issued an open challenge for the top prize in the United Wrestling Network. With his new title around his waist, Dan Joseph looks to make his first defense in Hollywood on January 19th!
Be at the Oceanview Pavilion on Sunday January 19th for al of this and more action from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! Free Admission, Doors at 3pm. 

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