The PP3 Finals are here and there are huge matches in store on February 23!



Holding the PP3 Cup grants its owner the opportunity to have any title match at any time against any opponent in the United Wrestling Network. Will Anthony Idol go into overdrive and win the Cup or will Ray Rosas be victorious without a care in the world? The 2020 Cup Bearer is made on February 23!



The PP3 Cup Blockbuster celebrates the Champions of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the United Wrestling Network. This titanic Tag Team Main Event pits the Hollywood Heritage Champion WATTS and his partner United Television Champion Dan Joseph against the United World Tag Team Champions Adrian Quest and \”Uptown\” Andy Brown. The makings of true Champions will be on display in this matchup.



HOWDY! The men formerly known as the Classic Connection have parted ways with a certain rotund loudmouth wedging his way in between. With Howdy Price choosing Levi Shapiro over Buddy Royal and Royal ruining Shapiro\’s shot at the United Television Championship, these men are on a collision course. They meet inside the squared circle on February 23!

Scheduled to appear:

Gentleman Jervis & Friendship Farm


Wolf Zaddies

Danny Limelight

Fidel Bravo & Pinx

and more!

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