This season, there have been changes in the air and in title histories. Nearly every title defended on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has changed hands in recent weeks. looks back at what got us here as we gear up for the 500th Episode Spectacular next weekend.
Hollywood Heritage Championship 
After several months of hiatus, new episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returned to the air in Septermber 2020. The very first thing that viewers saw was the \”Squash God\” WATTS standing tall in the ring with something on his mind. The champ proclaimed that the first person to step into the squared circle would get a shot at his Hollywood Heritage Championship on the spot. The crafty Ray Rosas beat the competition to the ring and then – in a major upset – beat WATTS cleanly in a matter of minutes. Rosas managed to hold onto the title for a handful of defenses on CWFH and Primetime Live despite having to constantly look over his shoulder for enemies SoCal Distancing. Ray ultimately fell prey to the numbers game, as interference from Andy Brown, Miguel, and Dom Kubrick resulted in the most decorated man in the United Wrestling Network losing his coveted championship to his former pupil Jordan Clearwater. \”The Golden Boy\” is out to prove that he is not a paper champion, having already successfully defended the Hollywood Heritage Title on Primetime Live and CWFH since defeating Rosas. Jordan Clearwater heads into the 500th Episode Spectacular set to put the Hollywood Heritage Championship on the line against Richie Slade!
United Television Championship
2020 began as a promising year for contender Dan Joseph. With a successful return to singles competition to kick the decade off, Joseph made a bee line directly to United Television Champion Royce Isaacs. Royce had put down a series of high caliber opponents during his title reign (Scorpio Sky and Bateman to name a few), but no one whose athleticism could outperform his own. Dan Joseph was just the athlete to step up to the plate. In an unannounced open challenge, Joseph defeated Royce Isaacs to capture the United Television Championship and send the former champ back to the \”Mile High City.\” Dan Joseph worked all year to prove that he is a top tier competitor through and through. \”Dan the Man\” solidified his nickname by leaving opponents like EJ Sparks, Dom Kubrick, and Slice Boogie laying flat from the Long Way Down. This record did not sit well with one Howdy Price, who sought to unseat the champion by any means necessary. With the aid of a loaded glove, Howdy\’s client \”Timeless\” Levi Shapiro ripped the United Television Championship from Dan\’s grasp and has held onto it through a number of underhanded tactics. has been told that the United Television Championship will be defended at the 500th Episode Spectacular, but under what circumstances? That is only for the \”charging bull with the iron claw\” to know for sure.
United World Tag Team Championship 
Early 2020 rumbled with unrest from once Television Title contender Adrian Quest. Feeling disheartened from his unsuccessful journey for a singles championship in 2019, Quest demanded a tag team title shot from his longtime mentor Rust Taylor (now Tyler Rust) and partner Tomaste. The Soul Burners, confused though up for the competition, put their United World Tag Team Championship on the line in what they expected would be a pure contest pitting themselves against Adrian Quest and partner \”Uptown\” Andy Brown. The matchup quickly turned ugly, as Tomaste\’s exposed feet were intentionally crushed against the ring steps and Rust Taylor suffered a brutal piledriver on the entrance stage that spelled victory for their opponents. The team now known as STATIC celebrated with confidant Ray Rosas for a short matter of weeks before the program went into a health-mandated hiatus. As the program returned in the Fall of 2020, the United World Tag Team Champions now had a new plan in mind and that did not include keeping Ray Rosas around. Now aligning with a figure that we have only known as \”The Man,\” Quest and Brown have taken to calling themselves SoCal Distancing and are hell-bent on stopping wrestling and Ray Rosas at all costs. Unfortunately for the Tag Team Champions, Ray Rosas was able to give his former teammates a taste of their own medicine, interfering in a Tag Team Championship match that resulted in crowning of new title holders in The Bodega. Danny Limelight and Papo Esco have been adamant that they will fight anyone and, following a number one contender\’s match on the most recent episode of CWFH,  The Bodega will be defending their newly won United World Tag Team Championship at the 500th Episode Spectacular against 4 Minutes of Heat!
The 500th Episode Spectacular begins this weekend on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! Tune in!
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