Avalon\’s Belt Has Been Taken; Is His Title Next? One week after pinning the champ, Sasha Darevko has stolen the Hollywood Heritage Championship If there‚Äôs one thing the fans at the Oceanview Pavilion are not accustomed to seeing these days, it would

Noel Marquez has announced that Rocky Romero will be challenging Hollywood Heritage Champion \”Pretty\” Peter Avalon at the November 22nd SUPERSHOW in Pt. Hueneme, CA at the Oceanview Pavilion! Admission to the event is FREE! More info Additionally, Hollywood Heritage Tag Team

By: Grant Baciocco The problem is clear. As much as we hate to admit the truth, Vermin is now in an incredible position of power. They hold all the Championships in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and, because of this, they have been

Don\’t miss witnessing Championship Wrestling From Hollywood history at our next TV taping on Sunday May 10th at the Oceanview Pavilion in Pt. Hueneme, CA! After laying out another challenge to \”Main Event\” James Morgan, Othello and Morgan will meet in a